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100 Word Story #1 Modern With Divine Love

Hello All! Please enjoy my first offering inspired by the Beard And Lady, Inn in Chester Arkansas!

It's the first of my 100 Word Stories inspired by the B&L as well as Chester, Arkansas as I am here all month as the official "Artists In Residence." Of course I couldn't help but mix up all the media I love so much--music, film making and writing! I hope you enjoy it and definately watch with sound on! The text for the story is below.

I didn’t sleep at all last night. Kept waking up to look for something that wasn’t there. Things whispered in the shadows. Impressions, illusions, fears not yet faced? Truths? Sometimes, I think exhausted is the way to write. When emotions are fragile and life seems even more like a dream. My old mother is napping in the other room. The rain falling, slowing us down and I am here letting the miracle of the last seventy-two hours wash over me. Fed by the humans my God is sending—vibrant, alive, creative, brave, full of passion and modern with divine love.

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