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Beau's Poem

By Jamie Sims Coakley

Commissioned May, 2023

All Rights Reserved

Beau’s Poem

Isn’t he the Jacaranda

Roots dig deep, then deeper still

Hair leaves reaching toward the heavens

Dancing in the seasons breezes

Wearing the crown of kings-violet

Adorned with wisdom’s riches

Grace and peace well-honed

They are his jewels.

Isn’t he the Jacaranda

Steady in his constant motion

Branches blooming flowers in springtime

Slowly, silently feeling the multitudes

Changing winds and winter rains

Summer’s sunshine, warm and light.

Isn’t he the Jacaranda

Growing stronger each new year

Gently breaking through all obstacles

Tumbling humility, resilience, strength

Adding each to his crown’s embrace.

Isn’t he the Jacaranda

Wisdom ancient as the trees

Isn’t he King Jacaranda

Manifesting destiny.

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