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"If you want to make God laugh, tell her your plans!"

My mother-in-law, Peggy has a saying, “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.”

Two months ago I said I would be posting every two weeks and then…I didn’t. I started a few posts but novel writing and family and the holidays and travel took over and I wasn’t motivated to give the time and attention to a blog that I wanted, so I didn’t post at all.

They say consistency in posts/newsletters helps build an audience and building an audience is key to being successful.

They say a lot of things.

Truth is, I have so many stories I’d like to share with you all about what’s transpired over the last two months, about people, places and things…about inspirations, about future plans…so many things that to try and cram it all in one blog post would be ridiculous. So I won’t even try.

Instead I will share with you my morning pages (three pages of stream of consciousness journaling per The Artist Way) from January 17 and share some of my favorite videos and photos of favorite moments, inspirations from my time away.

Morning Pages - January 17th, 2023

Slept for almost twelve hours last night. My alarm was set for 6:15am but the bed was so warm and cozy and my body was in a deep state of relaxation…plus I am blessed with the luxury of being my own boss which means I have no fear about sleeping in, if and when it’s needed. So far this year I have been bringing “task master” energy to my life rather than the fluid joy of creative living, and after rereading chapter one of The Artist Way yesterday, a crack of magic has made its way back in. I am feeling like I was getting sucked back into factory worker/9-5 living out of fear that I can’t/won’t get done what I want or need to. But that is just fear based crap. If I live with joy and focus on cultivating peaceful action in all that I do—then I will be living a life that brings joy, as opposed to the past week of cultivating the energy of “drudgery”. Today I am going to do my hike on Signal Hill and then do whatever I am inspired to do next without fear of failure or negative tapes of “irresponsibility”. I trust myself to accomplish all I need to in the right time and I cast off the old, tired, false tapes of shame based action and living. Instead I consciously and unconsciously embrace a joyful, harmonious and divinely guided rhythm to my life—one that facilitates all things occurring in divine time, rather than being forced to fit any fear based thinking I might be prone to. Each day I allow myself to do what I am called to do trusting my energy is guiding me healthily towards each goal I have in my life as those goals are guided by the divine hand. I needn’t struggle or fret, nor work hard, but rather follow my inspiration and intention towards divine manifestation of all things: Wealth, health, love, passion, creativity, adventure, success—truly trusting my connection to and oneness with the divine creative force.


Screening "Life On The Edge" at The Frida Cinema in Santa Ana. So fun to see it on the big screen.

Brunch with extended family at Naomi and Stanley's house in Van Buren, Arkansas

Enjoying living the Artist Way with my sons cat Malcolm and my little dogs, Biscuit and Harley.

Top left: My sister Stacy, me and my niece Julia throwing pottery

Top middle: My nephew Stanley tattooing Brian in Van Buren, Arkansas @Fort City Tattoo

Top right: A massive basilica forged of local limestone and built in the beginning of the last century, mostly by Russian immigrants which now stands in the middle of nowhere Kansas.

Bottom left: Snow love in Zion, Utah.

Bottom middle: Life changing work.

Bottom right: Handwritten page of the first draft of my second novel "Lovers Real and Imagined" inspired by "A Moveable Feast" by Ernest Hemingway.

Talk soon, dear friends and again “If you had no fear, what would you create?”



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