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Summertime, and the living is easy...

Hello All!

I don't know about you but I have been making a real effort to take it easy this summer.

To go to the beach once a week.

To sit on the patio and read and meditate.

To share time with friends.

I have so many things I want to do, that I want to write, but really, they can wait a few more weeks can't they? (I am asking for myself as much as you.)

So what's up with me?

-I now have a Twitter account for authoring and have found lots of fun writer friends there. Perhaps you might like to follow me?

- I am thinking about auditioning for a reality show about authors called "America's Next Great Author". Check it out here and share your thoughts in the comments!

-I have a rad agent! Full announcement on this in the next few weeks.

-I will be storytelling live again in September for Riveted at Elinor in DTLB. Check events for details.

-I am going to be 49 this month! Wow. So far, so good. Life is for living! Which reminds me,

"if you had no fear, what would you create?"

Books I am currently reading!

-A Moveable Feast, by Ernest Hemingway (again)

-Women Who Run With Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype, by Clarissa Pinkola Estes (also, again)

-The Island of Sea Women, by Lisa See (first time and I love it!)

Newsletters you can subscribe to that I am currently really enjoying:

- Author Grant Faulkner

Bookish things that I am excited about:

-Kindle's Vella

Something I wrote in my journal recently:


One sunlit afternoon,

Selfish serpent moving, stealing Innocents

Choking out, burying lives

And hopes

And dreams.

Clay pots mended still show cracks.

An accidental shattering is tragedy.

And then there is the self serving, self destructive taking

The darkness of reckless hands

Purposefully wielding power.

Smashing smashing smashing

Until every thing lay broken to bits.

Love to you all! Let's enjoy the rest of summer together, apart. <3

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