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They say the natural state of everything is entropy.

Lately I have found myself questioning…well everything.

What is real?

What is true?

Does it even matter?

A midlife existential crisis of sorts examining what lengths I am willing to go to for…well everything.

All of the edifices surround me

Built by my hands

Products of my labor

Everything like ice just melting away…

Drip, drip, dripping.

The endless tide of humanity rolling relentless.

They say the natural state of everything is entropy.

Yesterday, fifty-three migrants (human beings) were found dead in the back of a semi truck in San Antonio.

Remember the Alamo?

Today I’m sitting on the beach

Surrounded by hot white sand,

Emerald waves keeping their irregular time.

Salty air sticking to my skin, my hair, clouding my glasses while I eat charcuterie from a bento box and cool my skin, hot from the sun, in the waves…

The sheriff said many of the migrants (human beings) were hot to the touch.

Someone left them locked in the trailer with no air conditioning, no water.

Left them there to die.

Fifty-three of them did before a local worker heard someone’s cries for help.

A young couple are playing in the shallowest of waves along the shore with their baby.

She’s naked and blonde, newly hobbling on her two tiny pale feet.

Sand castles and snacks and sunscreen.

The sheriff stated for the cameras that there were women and children among the dead.

They like to tell you life is precious in the South, that all lives matter.

Scientists say the natural state of everything is entropy.

Like a sand castle built on a perfect summer afternoon.

Little by little the tide of time washes everything away.

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