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Wander Off Wednesdays...

Hello All!

Long time no talk. It's been a busy half a year for me, as always lots of changes, and I slugged through two full revisions of the novel, spent a lot of time on pitches, query letters and marketing plans, as well as enjoyed an amazing stint as April Artist In Residence at the Beard and Lady Inn, where I finished filming my latest mini doc (see below) as well as wrote/shot three micro films! And to think I have been feeling lazy! =)

I am currently spending lots of time working on researching agents and publishers for my book...I am not going to lie, it's a bit intimidating, especially as a debut novelist without a MFA or any publishing experience, but alas, I shall prevail! My motto since the Cadillac Tramps Documentary has been "don't say no for other people"! So while I figure out if I want to go the traditional publishing route or self publish (I am an indie girl at heart)...I will research and learn and start querying July 1st and to make my decision about which direction to go by the fall.

In the meantime I am spending lots of time with Publishers Lunch and reading samples of novels repped by Agents I think might be a good fit and that is precisely what WOW or Wander Off Wednesdays are all about...well that and me taking advantage of living in Southern California and actually going to the beach this summer! I have my beach chair, umbrella, sun hat, cooler and kindle ready and Wednesdays all summer are for relaxing at the beach while I find my perfect agent/publisher (even if that ends up being me!)

Hope that you all survived the springtime and are looking forward to a rad summer. Send me note and let me know what fun creative things you are up to!

Much Love,


P.S. Today I learned my book is commercial fiction, leaning towards a smart beach read! Sounds fun huh?!

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